RTTEMPS Is Battling Legal Issues

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Doing your job is hard enough without the threat of employee lawsuits hanging over your head. But make no mistake – employees today have a WEALTH of information at their disposal about what you can and cannot do as an employer. When one mistake could land you in court, you need to be confident and secure that everything you do is legally sound. With the number of employee lawsuits on the rise, it's never been more critical to have a thorough understanding of today's hottest legal issues – ones that could land your company in hot water. Think about the lost time, productivity, and money that can come from a single lawsuit – and that's even if your company wins! Just imagine what would happen if your company lost in court.

Complaints of wage theft have risen as the economy tumbled. Allegations range from underpayment to not getting paid at all. It's definitely on the rise nationally because of the economic crisis. Employers are desperate to shave corners when their profits are going down, and some are just greedy. RTTEMPS is one of them.

Despite my cautionary writings, they routinely sign contracts replete with unfavorable terms. By doing so, they unknowingly agree to be eliminated with minimum notice, demoted or banished to far away jurisdictions, see their salary slashed and prevented from competing with their employer following their departure – all with legal impunity.

They are not paying their vendors back, they owe state taxes in a number of states throughout the country, and they have many open cases with state labor boards for not paying their employees. I am so happy to hear they are closed. They got what they deserved. I love how the "old" bitter officer of the company tries to pretend it isnt' just to save face. So sad...

Monetary Loss: $10.



RTTEMPS is broke, disgusted, and can't be trusted!

RTTEMPS Is A Good Company Stuck With An Angry *** Trying to Badmouth Them

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Not only did RTTEMPS help me find work in a down economy, they did it with the patience and professionalism you you would want when going to a recruiter who is supposed to be working for you and not just counting you as part of their quota. RTTEMPS is also a company that is in touch with their customers using social media and being connected to their customers in more ways than one.

It showed me that there are ways to go beyond traditional customer service.

Whatever this other person posted, he seems like a very vindictive and bitter individual who has nothing better to do than to wait for people to say something nice so he can submit an opposite response.

It seems rather infantile. Take it from a satisfied customer, they treat their clients right and are doing something right in a time where there is so much wrong with the world.

Review about: Rttemps.



Don't be fooled by this old and tired closed company. There is absolutely no reason to work for or do business with RTTEMPS. Trust me, they will *** cheat you from every penny.

RTTEMPS Mistreats and Under Pays Employees

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If you were to personify RTTEMPS, just picture an old bitter spinster who is paranoid that everyone is out to do damage to this company. That may or may not be the case but based on how they treated me during the year I worked there, I am happy that there is a space that we can collectively share our voices and provide true light on how dysfunctional this company is. I am happy that there is a site like this to forewarn people of doing business with them or preventing people from ever accepting a job with RTTEMPS.

I also have come to learn that RTTEMPS is neglecting to pay their taxes in a huge number of states that they do business with. RTTEMPS has collectors blasting their phone on a daily bases for money that is long over due. Since RTTEMPS has not paid their vendors, many of their accounts have been frozen and their case has been turned over to collections. I have also come to learn that RTTEMPS is having major disputes with labor boards across the country for not paying their employees.

If you are looking for the truth about this company it would behoove you to Google: RTTEMPS and see all of the reviews that are out on the web. This site is not the only one that can speak to how horrible this company truly is. This firm will do anything possible to cut corners to save a dime including taking money from their own employees. Most recently, it has been reported that they put their employees on "unemployment" but still have them come in to work. This is fraudulent and essentially stealing from our government. This should be made public and an investigation would surely put an end to this. Don't believe the previous two posts. This is clearly an attempt by an officer of the company to save and an already tarnished reputation. Another very good question to ask oneself is why do they not have one single allied health job on their website? This is definitely a company one should steer clear from. It will certainly be one of your worst experiences ever.

Review about: Healthcare Staffing Service.



I see someone has sent a comment in for me. Too bad they lied.

I'm still here, working. And, I'm doing pretty good. We are all moving along without the raving lunitic who placed the comment for me. These are the rantings of one single very angry man.

He tried to ruin this company, and is still trying to ruin it's name. He is one sick, low-life of a back-stabbing creep. My greatest hope is to meet him on the street, so I can spit in his eye. No matter what you call yourself, little man.

Don't use my name. Grow up, and get a life that counts for something other than vengence.



What a filthy, rotten, foaming at the mouth, misanthrope, old spinster of a company. RTTEMPS is so cheap and soulless.

Thank God RTTEMPS is closed! Ding dong the witch is dead!


One of the officers of this closed company is blaming her losses on everyone else except herself. The spinster tries to blog to try to save RTTEMPS' wasted reputation.

She forgets that she is an army of one. Get over yourself fool! Just because you have a thesaurus in your hand doesn't mean your an eloquent writer! You should go back and read some of your rants - illiterate!

That's right, you never got a college degree and lost all of your money.

Never mind, for a minute there, I thought I was having an intelligent conversation. :p :p :p


I have never worked with such a pig of a company before. Glad I'm gone and super successful now working for a well established company that is recession proof.

Really good market to be in unlike this bandwagon of a healthcare staffing company. RTTEMPS sucks!


Yes! They hired a PR Watchdog to monitor their internet activity!

What a joke and waste of money. Give it to your staff instead - oh wait, you don't have any.

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